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Как нам одолеть преступность. За неделю.

Некоторое время назад у меня была запись Как нам одолеть ИГИЛ. В которой я приводил сделанную angerona запись части интервью Трампа телеканалу CBS. Той части, в которой Трамп как раз и рассказывал, как нам одолеть ИГИЛ.

Вчера Ютюб предложил мне посмотреть разговор Трампа с О'Райли. Передача вышла в понедельник. Мне этот разговор так понравился, что я решил его записать. Транскрипт опять не нашел, так что потратил час на запись. Прочитайте, пожалуйста.

Там интересно и начало про массовую депортацию нелегалов, но я записал только часть о борьбе с преступностью.
O: Now let’s turn to violent crime. I want to play a short sound bite of what you said recently. Go.

[Video] Trump: The chaos and violence on our streets and the assault on law enforcement are really and truly an attack against all peaceful citizens. If I am elected president this chaos and violence will end; and it will end very, very quickly.

O: So… How?! You have in Chicago a problem that… did you know that murders in Chicago are up 50% this year from last year?

T: I know it; I know it very well. It is out of control.

O: And they can’t they can’t solve it. They can’t solve it. State of Illinois, city of Chicago can’t do it, all right?

T: Well, you know why they can’t solve it, because I don’t think they have the right people in charge. In terms of police force.

O: No-no, I want to know specifically, specifically how do you do it. How do you do it?

T: I know police in Chicago. If they were given the authority to do it, they would get it done.

O: How? How?

T: You have unbelievable… How? By being very much tougher than they are right now. They are right now not tough. I can tell you this very long and quite boring story, but when I was in Chicago, I got to meet a couple of very tough police. I said: “How do you stop this? How do you stop this? If you were put in charge… (to a specific person) do you think you could stop this?” And he said: “Mr. Trump I’d be able to stop it in one week.” And I believed him a hundred percent.

O: How? Did he tell you how he would be able to stop it in one week?

T: No, he just wants to use tough… he wants to use tough police tactics. Which is OK, when we have people being killed.

O: But you’d have to have warrants to arrest people. You can’t beat them up, you have to have a warrant to arrest them…

T: All I know is this: I went to a tough police officer in Chicago, who is not a police chief and he… I could see by the way he was dealing with his people he was a rough tough guy, they respected him greatly. I said: “How do you think you do it?” He said: “Mr. Trump within one week we can stop much of this horror show that is going on.”

O: But he did not tell you exactly, precisely how. Because that’s what we want to know.

T: No, I did not ask him, because I am not the mayor of Chicago. But I’ll tell you what, I sent his name in and I said: you probably should hire this guy, because you have… you know the expression “you have nothing to lose”? Look at what is going on in Chicago, it’s horrible. This guy felt totally confident that he could stop it in a very short period of time.

O: So nationwide…

T: It is like we could win a war a lot quicker if we’d let our generals do the job properly. This was a man who Is tough…

O: But you have to have a strategy though. What I am trying to get at: you have to have a strategy.

T: Well, I am sure he’s got a strategy. I did not ask for his strategy, I just saw…

O: If you are president you will have to have your strategy. So let’s just take a very… microissue: attacks on police, all right? So they are rising because they are being… police officers in some places are being demonized and now unstable people… So you are being president, how are you going to stop attacks on police in the present climate?

T: Well, first of all we need somebody who is going to be a cheerleader for the police to an extent. Right now I just left the Akron police and some other people; and they are terrific people; and they feel like they are being left behind by our leadership. They are not being respected by our leadership and they literally… they don’t have spirit, they lose their spirit. Every time something happens it’s the police’s fault. Look you have to have… You have to give them back their spirit.

O: So, your tone is pro police. But how do you stop the bad guys from attacking them?

T: By giving them back their spirit and by allowing them to go and counterattack. I mean, it is ridiculous what is happening. They are not respecting the police anymore and the police are afraid to do anything. I’ve spoken to so many police… I mean, I’ve gotten them all; I have endorsements from like almost everybody in terms of police and law enforcement. And I’ve spoken to so many; and they are afraid to do anything because they don’t want to lose their jobs. They don’t even want to talk to people anymore, because they are afraid that something will happen that will be the end of their job, their pension, their family, the whole thing. They are petrified to act.
Надеюсь, что все прочли. Но если кто-то не прочел, то вот краткое содержание по-русски.

В Чикаго количество убийств в этом году на 50% выше, чем в прошлом. Трамп знает, как исправить эту ужасную ситуацию. Он съездил в Чикаго и поговорил там с rough and tough полицейским. Полицейский сказал Трампу, что если бы он был начальником, то все исправил бы в течении недели. Трамп поверил ему на сто процентов. Как этот полицейский планирует бороться с преступностью, он Трампу не сказал. Но Трамп и не спрашивал, потому что он же не мэр Чикаго. Все.

Комментарии сторонников Трампа, как всегда, приветствуются.


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  • Некоторые подвижки

    Рубио вчера, отвечая на вопрос о том, is it OK, что президент обратился к Китаю с просьбой расследовать Байденов" "I don't think it's a real…

  • Breaking News!

    P.S. Jesus Christ.

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    LOL. Швеция, конечно, лучше чем Италия. Хотя Швеция еще не наверняка.