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Seth Rich

Michael Gerson, консерватор и бывший speechwriter дабл Ю Буша написал в WP колонку -- "The conservative mind has become diseased".

В том, что он пишет, конечно, нет ничего нового или особенного. Но пишет заслуженный консерватор, так что я процитирую.

Кстати, вот это направление, "never Trump", оно хоть и сошло на нет, в основном, но остались консерваторы, которые продолжают придерживаться антитрамповской позиции. И мне интересно, есть ли среди русскоязычных правых такие люди. Я не могу ни одного примера вспомнить.

Процитирую отрывки из статьи:
To many observers on the left, the initial embrace of Seth Rich conspiracy theories by conservative media figures was merely a confirmation of the right’s deformed soul. But for those of us who remember that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were once relatively mainstream Reaganites, their extended vacation in the fever swamps is even more disturbing. If once you knew better, the indictment is deeper. [...]

The basic, human questions are simple. How could conservative media figures not have felt — felt in their hearts and bones — the God-awful ickiness of it? [...]

But this failure of decency is also politically symbolic. Who is the politician who legitimized conspiracy thinking at the highest level? Who raised the possibility that Ted Cruz’s father might have been involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Who hinted that Hillary Clinton might have been involved in the death of Vince Foster, or that unnamed liberals might have killed Justice Antonin Scalia? Who not only questioned President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, but raised the prospect of the murder of a Hawaiian state official in a coverup? “How amazing,” Trump tweeted in 2013, “the State Health Director who verified copies of Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ died in plane crash today. All others lived.”

We have a president charged with maintaining public health who asserts that the vaccination schedule is a dangerous scam of greedy doctors. We have a president charged with representing all Americans who has falsely accused thousands of Muslims of celebrating in the streets following the 9/11 attacks.

In this mental environment, alleging a Rich-related conspiracy was predictable. This is a concrete example of the mainstreaming of destructive craziness.

Those conservatives who believe that the confirmation of Justice Neil M. Gorsuch is sufficient justification for the Trump presidency are ignoring Trump’s psychic and moral destruction of the conservative movement and the Republican Party. Clinton, with a small number of changed votes, would have defeated Republicans. But Trump is doing a kind of harm beyond anything Clinton could have done. He is changing the party’s most basic moral and political orientations. He is shaping conservatism in his image and ensuring an eventual defeat more complete, and an eventual exile more prolonged, than Democrats could have dreamed.

The conservative mind, in some very visible cases, has become diseased. The movement has been seized by a kind of discrediting madness, in which conspiracy delusions figure prominently.
P.S. Я никогда не слушал Лимбо, и очень мало смотрел Хэннити. Приведу один из комментариев к статье.
Many who have written that this is old, old new are 1000% correct. It seems that Gerson is shocked, just shocked to learn that the so called conservatives are engaged in this types of activities. Give me a friggin break already
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