yakov_a_jerkov (yakov_a_jerkov) wrote,

Here's What We Know About The Man Accused Of Killing A Woman At A White Supremacist Rally
On a Facebook page that appears to belong to Fields, photos included memes embraced by the alt right and some supporters of President Donald Trump, including Pepe the Frog and a portrait of a crowned Trump sitting on a throne.

Other posts contain more overt references to Nazism and white supremacy, including a cover photo of soldiers with an American flag and swastikas, and a baby portrait of Adolf Hitler.
(via tijd) Статья консервативного "National Review" -- These Guys Are Losers Too: Trump Fails to Condemn Charlottesville Racists
With his performance today, Trump confirms the worst that has been said about him. He’s done damage to the peace of his country. What a revolting day in America.
Добавлю сюда еще ролик отнюдь не консервативного Cenk Uygur. Неплохо сказал, по-моему.

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