yakov_a_jerkov (yakov_a_jerkov) wrote,

A couple of good points

Про "pee tape".

Matthew Yglesias:
I like that the main news story of the moment is about the president’s hush money payments to people he’s had affairs with but it’s conventionally considered wildly implausible that Russian intelligence could be blackmailing him with a sex tape.
Про Нэнси Пэлоси и Митча Макконнелла.

Sam Stein:
There is a ton of ink devoted to how Nancy Pelosi is a political liability. And, sure, that’s fair.

But a GOP candidate is apparently surging in WVa based off of attacks on “Cocaine Mitch” McConnell and there’s relatively little discussion about his liabilities.
Ditch Cocaine Mitch:

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